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Coaching is a relationship between the person who gives the Coaching (Coach) and the person (s) who receives it (coachee / s), which fosters tangible advances in leadership and unfolds multiple possibilities for action before their eyes.

A key part of the process is that the person or team manages to understand that the restrictions in the achievement of objectives are, in large part, the product of limiting beliefs and lack of information about himself.

In Coaching, the Coach does not do things. It helps the person achieve their goals and mentally reprogram themselves more effectively and successfully.

Duration: Minimum of 6 hours and maximum of 12 hours.

Modalities of Coaching with Remus & Asociados:

Executive Coaching

Group Coaching

Ontological Coaching

Life and Family Coaching

Diploma and Certification in Coaching Skills for Execution (certification CONOCER – SEP-MX Certification)

Coaching Seminars and Workshops

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