We develop experiences and processes tailored to your needs that drive, transcend and transform towards the good, effectiveness and success of your person, your team and your organization.

Remus Kids
It is a program focused on developing children’s soft skills in a fun, fresh and practical way. Critical judgment, analysis, reflection, leadership, responsibility, among others, are generated. It meets from 9am to 1pm on the last Friday of the month school day.

Remus Dei
Remus & Asociados also collaborates with associations such as MAMA AC, Los Pinos, Mi Gran Esperanza, Hogares del Padre Chinchachoma, Casa de Descanso José Vicente AC, Helen Keller, Civil Hospitals, Fundación Michu y Mao, among others, that coincide with our philosophy of seek the good of the person and the community.

Nom 025 MX
We go hand in hand with you in the certification process for the Non 025Mx that looks out for the equality and non discrimination in organizations.

We’ve accompanied many organizations successfully!

Nom 035 MX
We accompany you to fully comply with Nom035, and use it for a real improvement of the good, effectiveness and success of your organization.

Chulavista Program
We carried out a diploma course for the community leaders of the Chulavista neighborhood (Tlajomulco, Jal.), through monthly sessions with the objective of developing soft skills. We accompanied their process of strengthening skills to help others.

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