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Strategic Planning

A process where participants are accompanied in the development of concepts and specific topics that guide and give meaning to their operation. It is a program where the participants have a very active participation and the consultant acts as a coach and mentor.

Balanced Score Card

Consultancy and training for the implementation of this method for the execution of strategic planning, which consists of monitoring it by means of crossed indicators from four perspectives: Customers, Processes, Financial and Learning-Development.

Promotion of Quality Culture.

Accompaniment of several actions that allow defining, implementing and strengthening the well being and well doing of the processes and members of the organization.

Process Consulting
It is a process of joint collaboration between consultants and client from the diagnosis to the execution of strategies and tactics for the improvement of the organization, which includes various techniques.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer management is a key process to ensure the common good and to develop to the maximum both the customer and the benefits that the organization can offer

Service Circles

A simple and effective method that empowers, trains and motivates service personnel to achieve higher and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Quality Circles

Continuous improvement procedure through self-management and integration of work teams.

Improvement Idea Programs
Creative alternatives to solve problems or achieve objectives. Remus provides different scenarios, methodologies or perspectives for our clients to try alternative paths in an accompanied way.

Internal Customer and Supplier Programs.
Programs to raise awareness of the importance of being at the service of others, since helping others has an impact on oneself and the company. Offers tools that promote harmony through service.

Customer Service Programs
Every customer expects to be served in an exceptional way, that is why these programs are ideal for the staff to obtain powerful tools that will help the customer feel delighted with the service provided.

Through sharing experiences and listening to other points of view, attendees will be able to have a broader vision to have a better solution or perspective to a current situation. The group is accompanied to experience a Benchmarking themselves and learn the requirements to do one.

Organizational Philosophy
Definition and dissemination process of Mission, Vision, Values.

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