We develop experiences and processes tailored to your needs that drive, transcend and transform towards the well-being, effectiveness and success of your person, your team and your organization.

Duration: From 6 to 12 hours.

High Potential Development
The Development of Human Talent Competencies is through 3 dimensions: Self-development, Co-development and that of the boss as Coach. Remus works together with our clients to reach these 3 paths through the depth and focus necessary for each organization.

Assessment Center
Assessment of competencies through carefully selected business cases and appropriate to the Client’s requirements, tools for the internal and external talent selection process, as well as for skills development programs and identification of learning needs. It includes feedback of the evaluation process, delivery of an executive report of the result of the assessed competences.

Psychometric Studies
Application and Evaluation of psychometric studie for the different requirements, tests of cognitive intelligence, emotional intelligence, evaluation of leadership capacity, interests and abilities, sales, values, personality, emotional intelligence. Specialized psychometric studies according to the requested assessment, delivery of an individualized report.

Succession / Life and career plans
These are programs where the client is accompanied to achieve specific objectives in his/her life and work, taking advantage of the current situation. Likewise, we offer options for accompaniment and specialized coaching in Outplacement and succession.

Performance Evaluation
In this program we can train the Human Resources team to evaluate the personnel of the entire organization, or we evaluate the personnel through different tools that will obtain qualitative and quantitative data.

Candidate Assessment
Using the tools designed by Remus and Associates or supporting the client to develop his own. These can be:

• Psychometric Assessments
• Assessment processes
• Depth interviews
• Interviews under the STAR model (Competency Assessment)
• Recognition Systems

Accompaniment to the client in the development of their own recognition systems, from what to do and what to reward, aligned to the objective, mission and vision of the business.

Executive Coaching
Through Coaching, the person is able to understand that the restrictions in the achievement of objectives are, in large part, the product of limiting beliefs and a lack of information about himself/herself. Coaching is a relationship between the person who gives the Coaching (Coach) and the person (s) who receives it (coachee), which allows tangible advances in leadership and unfolds multiple possibilities for action before their eyes.

In Coaching, the Coach does not do things; instead, it helps the person achieve their goals and mentally reprogram themselves more effectively and successfully.

Diseño de Inducción de Alto Impacto
Acompañamiento en el diseño de capacitación teórico práctico para la inducción del personal, donde haya espacio para aprender y aplicar lo aprendido. Asimismo, se ofrecen proyectos de diseño y capacitación para capacitadores de acuerdo a los canales de aprendizaje, aprendizaje acelerado y neuroeducación.

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