We develop experiences and processes tailored to your needs that drive, transcend and transform towards the good, effectiveness and success of your person, your team and your organization

All our diploma courses are theoretical-practical courses that integrate case studies, teaching presentations, group dynamics, test applications, etc. We use the bases of andragogy and multiple intelligences in its delivery.

Advantages of implementing Diplomas

Continuity is generated in the development process; the establishment of the change of habits and behaviors is ensured.

A permanent integration process is promoted that generates powerful links in the teams.

High curricular value. All of our training programs are registered with the Secretary of Labor and Social Security (STPS).

A GREATER IMPACT is generated in people and organizations that deal with analytical or modular programs; by integrating new concepts, new experiences and new tools, the team and the person are strengthened towards a SHARED VISION.

We have logistics and payment processes that promote the realization of a successful program.

Modules can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization


Diploma in Managerial skills
Objective: To develop leaders with strategic and human thought who are capable of contributing to the mission, vision and organizational values.

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Diploma in Executive Talent Development
Objective: To strengthen the talent of people who are in charge of a team or department within an organization, or who are in the process of preparing to occupy such a position.

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Certificate in Systemic Leadership
Objetive: To develop inclusive leadership with a systemic approach.

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Diploma and Certification in Coaching Skills for Execution (certification CONOCER – SEP MX)
Objective: To develop coaching skills that allow evaluation and certification in Coaching for Execution.

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Certificate in Accelerated Learning
Objective: To offer participants different practical tools to enrich their resources and their high-impact presentations for an audience.

Diploma in Leadership for Supervisors
Objective: To develop supervisory skills to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and human quality of leadership; strengthen the capacity to generate respect and commitment with its personnel and to monitor the business indicators more closely; expand the possibilities of generating actions that help fulfill the vision of the organization.

Certification of Train the Trainers:
Objective: To provide participants with practical tools to enhance their skills as facilitators before an audience.

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