We develop experiences and processes tailored to your needs that drive,
transcend and transform towards the well-being, effectiveness and success
of your person, your team and your organization.

At Remus we know that companies want to have among their ranks people who have, in addition to determination, the qualities to lead, guide, guide, accompany, strengthen and promote others; to create a pleasant work environment and ensure that its collaborators share their best knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes with a positive impact on the entire organization.
(adapted from “This is how gurus speak” Peter Drucker)

Motivation and Internal Communication
Through playful and objective-aligned activities, teams are led to discover the need and the benefits of self-motivation and communication among those involved, having a common goal and a joint result.

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We offer multiple options to promote the integration of work teams, such as Team Building and Experiential Programs for the Development of Competencies (Advanced, UPs, Shot Ups, group coaching), among others.

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Open house

Internally share what we have to give, both as a company and as collaborators, seeking to generate long-term links through full knowledge.

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Change management

Through different Remus tools, promote awareness and reasons for change in the work teams, the need to agree on the current situation and the future perspective, as well as their leading role in this evolution of the company. Manage change as strengthening.

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Self-Directed and High-Performance Teams

Accompaniment to our clients for the alignment of competences, indicators and significance in the value chain and then share them with the staff, seeking that they are clear about their individual SWOT and can direct their training towards the scope of these competences, indicators and therefore, its significance.

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Organizational Values Campaign

Working hand in hand with our client through our experiential tools, accomplish that the collaborators of the company find the essence of the values and the personal identification that they have with each one of them to achieve the vision of “I am the value”.

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Mediation and conflict resolution

Accompaniment and / or training processes to prevent, identify and resolve conflicts of different scopes within an organization.

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Integration of People with Disabilities

Advice and implementation of inclusion programs to take advantage of the talent of all the people on the team. Specifically in terms of collaboration in teams where people with disabilities participate, we generate from the team training a new situation to the optimal search for collaboration.?? It doesn’t quite make sense but I’m not sure what it wants to say.

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Multicultural connection

Because we live in times when networking and hyperconnectivity are common forms of collaboration, we provide advice or training to promote synergy in companies and work teams made up of people from different cultures.

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We want to meet you

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