We develop experiences and processes tailored to your needs that drive, transcend and transform towards the good, effectiveness and success of your person, your team and your organization.

Our Team Buildings are powerful experiences to strengthen soft skills such as leadership, communication, shared vision, among others, through teamwork. Each one is different, made to measure: we have more than 200 dynamics; the duration and number of participants depends on your needs, from nuclear groups, to hundreds of people, in different settings such as garden, hall, sports club, forest, beach, lake and more.

Objectives and benefits

Our REMUS Team Buildings include Prediagnosis and general report of the experience, with Strengths, Opportunity Areas and Follow-up Recommendations. Some of the objectives and benefits of implementing Teambuilding are:

Build high performance teams

Development of lateral thinking for problem solvin

Development of soft skills

Strengthen the sense of belonging

Motivation and team integration

Align staff to organizational strategies.

Strengthen leadership

Experiential Methodology

Likewise, we develop them from the Experiential Methodology: Process through which the participant builds knowledge, skills and values directly from experience, in a positive and productive context where concepts are redefined through a deep analysis of oneself, having the opportunity to experience and verify learning and its application to the work environment in an immediate way. The steps of the experiential methodology are:

To experience

Doing exercises


The team shares their experience


Share reactions and feelings


Principles and abstractions. You learned? (Landing)


What behaviors will be modified in everyday life?

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