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Gestión de la Diversidad

18 de octubre de 2023

Gestión de la Diversidad

What advantages does it have for an organization to be inclusive? From what concrete actions can we promote diversity in companies? What challenges and learnings come from building and managing a diverse work environment?

Managing diversity in organizations is related to having strategies for dignified and inclusive treatment for all, promoting personal and group talents, as well as promoting common languages, shared values and spaces for the exchange of knowledge, which translate into team well-being. and success for the organization.

We share with you a series of actions, ideas and approaches shared in the “Diversity Management” Panel, held last August 24, 2021, with the participation of our experienced guests:

Angelina Maldonado (Continental)

Iván Ruezga (Tequila Clase Azul)

Gilberto Gaspar (Berrymex)

y Lilliana Remus (host, Remus & Asociados Consultores)

Enjoy it HERE:

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