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Liderando con Pasión

19 de octubre de 2023

Liderando con Pasión

👉🏻 What specific factors strengthen the leadership of people in organizations? How do you get the people who work with you to follow you, believe in you, and be a reference for them? Where do you get all the energy and passion to lead? How to spread passion and enthusiasm in difficult times? To identify guidelines for action from the direct experience of 3 organizational leaders…

🌟 We share ideas and tools with you in this Panel “LEADING WITH PASSION”, held last September 21st with:
Paulo Santos (CONTINENTAL)

Salvador Cervantes (Univa Guadalajara University)
Lilliana Remus (host, Remus & Associates)
Enjoy and share the broadcast available on:



#EstamosRemusando #Remus15años

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